District Qualifiers: The O.O. Marathon

It has been an amazing season as the team has earned numerous awards. Great effort has been rewarded with great achievement: that reward has been in more than tangible trophies - the reward is the intangible development of character.

The team's character was evident in how each member approached districts. All of those who qualified to compete in districts had to create new pieces, so all of them made the decision to compete in original oratory. Each one took on the stress of composing a unique speech, in a short period of time, in order to have an opportunity to speak competitively. Their speeches were as follows:

  • It is the God in Me, by Spencer
  • Breaking Familial Borders, by Lizbeth
  • Oh, Mother of Mine, by Ernesto
  • Not So Different After All, by Courtney
  • Courtney broke to semi-finals in HI