The Queen City Invitational: Speaking with Conviction

P.O.B.'s Cardinal Speak had an excellent showing at The Charlotte Catholic Queen City Invitational. With a total of six trophies, the team has continued to find a place on the awards stage:

  • Spencer Placed 1st in Impromptu and 4th in Expository
  • Ernesto placed 4th in Impromptu
  • C.J. placed 5th in Impromptu
  • Courtney placed 1st in Children's Literature
  • Lizbeth placed 1st in Declamation

The team continues to improve as we compete with the vigor, perseverance, desire, and conviction to be our best. Julian and Otissa are honorable mentions, having participated at their first tournament of the year, and the team is preparing for the national tournament, together, as each student sharpens and hones the skills of the other.